What to know about a Dayton area’s best basketball prospects

June 20, 2018 - Basketballs

To find out what many of a area’s best basketball players are adult to this open and summer, one needn’t make many phone calls. 

Quincy Simpson has a scoop. 

Fans in northwest Ohio know Simpson as a conduct manager during Lima Senior, though he’s pulling double avocation as a executive of a C2K Elite AAU program. 

That register happens to embody a handful of a tip senior-to-be prospects from schools in a Cox Media Group Ohio coverage area, so we gave Simpson a call to get an refurbish on their progress. 

Here’s what he had to say: 

Samari Curtis, Xenia guard 

“Samari is kind of like a bully, though in a good way,” Simpson pronounced of a GWOC’s two-time heading scorer. “He’s a man we need on a organisation that is going to plea a other team’s best player. He’s gonna plea anybody on a organisation verbally He’s gonna do all those things.” 

Curtis is a four-star awaiting and a top-rated actor in a area per a 247Sports Composite rankings.  

“Samari can measure during all 3 levels — he can get right to a basket, he’s got a good mid-range and he can fire a 3-ball. There’s a lot to his game,” Simpson said. 

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Curtis committed to Xavier during his youth deteriorate though re-opened his recruitment in May

“He’s gonna have a lot of seductiveness entrance in July,” Simpson said. 

Simpson identified Dayton, Ohio State, Florida and Virginia Tech as schools who have shown seductiveness recently. 

“I’ve taken a lot of calls on him,” Simpson said. “Those teams haven’t watch him a lot since he was already committed, so now they’re looking brazen to saying him in July. we consider if he plays well, that we trust he will, he’s gonna have something unequivocally special for himself.” 

Before committing, Curtis had offers from Akron, Toledo, Kent State and Cincinnati along with XU. 

Amari Davis, Trotwood-Madison guard 

“He is a maladroit child that can finish really, unequivocally good in transition,” Simpson said. 

“I like coaching all a guys, though he’s unequivocally coachable. Extremely coachable. That’s usually kind of what he brings to a list for a group. Left-handed, transition guy, can finish good around guys bigger than him.” 

Davis has already displayed a clever midrange game, though he is operative on adding a 3-pointer to his arsenal before his comparison deteriorate for a Rams. 

In May, Davis told CMGO he had offers from Miami University, Cleveland State, Akron, Toledo and IUPUI while receiving seductiveness from Ohio State, Cincinnati and Xavier

Andre Gordon, Sidney ensure (transferring to Huntington Prep) 

“He constantly amazes people with what he can do during his size,” Simpson pronounced of a 6-foot-2 combo guard. “He can fire a ball, he’s tough, he’s jaunty and he can measure during all 3 levels.” 

Simpson also praised Gordon’s ability to hoop a ball, his sharpened and his competitiveness and coach-ability. 

Next deteriorate Gordon will fit adult for Huntington Prep, a propagandize in West Virginia that attracts some of a country’s best players and faces squads done adult of a same. 

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“Huntington Prep will do wonders for him usually from a foe standpoint,” Simpson said. “That propagandize is going to have some of a best players there, so you’re personification opposite those guys each day. That means we have no choice though to get better. 

“Not holding anything divided from Sidney, though he indispensable to go where he could urge as quick as he can.” 

Dayton and Wright State are among schools who have offering Gordon

RaHeim Moss, Springfield guard 

“He’s kind of another Samari when it comes to toughness and an edge,” Simpson said.

He compared Moss to former high propagandize teammate Danny Davis, a four-year starter for a Wildcats who is a receiver during Wisconsin. 

Although Moss led a Wildcats in scoring final deteriorate (14.9 points per game), his roof is expected aloft in football, where Cincinnati, Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky and Bowling Green have already offered

He has twin offers (football and basketball) from Cincinnati. 

“Whatever he chooses, he’s gonna be fine,” Simpson said. 

Sam Towns, Springfield forward 

Towns wasn’t a primary choice for a installed Wildcats organisation final season, though he’s an intriguing awaiting during 6-foot-7. 

“He’s unequivocally skilled,” Simpson said. “He shoots a round well. He’s prolonged and flexible — wiry.” 

The manager praised him for being peaceful to conflict a potion and remarkable he will have to play on a fringe during a subsequent level. 

“Strength is his No. 1 factor,” Simpson said. “If he gets stronger, he’s gonna be a ruin of a actor during a collegiate level. 

Aside from those five, there’s one some-more actor on Simpson’s register who competence be of some seductiveness to internal basketball fans. 

Jeremiah Davenport sealed a minute of vigilant to play during Wright State, but requested and was postulated his release after assisting lead Cincinnati Moeller to a state championship in March. 

With his batch on a rise, he motionless to reclassify as a member of a category of 2019 and spend a year in prep school. 

“He was substantially by distant a child that softened a many during a season. He done a large burst and people got an event to see what he could do,” Simpson said. “I consider he kind of wanted to play during a aloft level. It was zero during all opposite Wright State. They’re a extensive school, though he’s immature age-wise, and he felt another year of developing, another year of removing softened could usually raise his chances to play during that aloft level.” 

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