Watch an whole basketball group forget that hoop is theirs

July 26, 2017 - Basketballs

Sports can be hard, no question. There’s lots of rules, regulations and things to remember. So players get confused on a justice sometimes. It happens.

But have we ever seen an whole group get so irrational that they went a wrong approach on a justice and scored on themselves?

No? Then you’re in for a treat.

Wow — now that was some treacherous basketball.

OK, let’s mangle that down.

This game, Russia vs. Spain, happened on Sunday during a FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup. Sure, Russia eventually won a diversion 77-58, though that doesn’t change a fact that roughly a whole group went retrograde and scored on their possess basket during a game.

Here’s what happened:

1. A actor on Russia inbounds a round to her teammate from a baseline after it goes out of end on a Spanish player. The rest of a group is hovering adult by midcourt.

2. The teammate takes a round and passes it to another teammate as they conduct adult a court.

3. The ball-handler dribbles onto a other side of a court, approaches a three-point arc, and passes to a teammate, who’s been there watchful a whole time.

4. That actor pulls adult and nails a three-pointer. Beautiful.


Watch a play again — during slightest 3 players are headed a wrong instruction on this play. One actor points in a conflicting direction, though flattering many everybody else is certain they’re headed in a right direction. It was indeed a good play — Russia sliced right by a Spanish defense. But nothing of it mattered since Russia used a offense bravery to measure 3 points on itself.

And a issue was not pretty.

The actor who scored was clearly broke and surprised.

And a Spanish manager kept fluttering his arms and indicating in BOTH directions, apparently arguing to refs that it should have been a backcourt violation. And according to page 32 of a FIBA rulebook, he was correct:

A group in control of a live round in a frontcourt has caused a round to be illegally returned to their backcourt if a actor of that group is a final to hold a round in his frontcourt and a round is afterwards initial overwhelmed by a actor of that group who has partial of his physique in hit with a backcourt or after a round has overwhelmed a backcourt of that team.

In that case, a play should have been a backcourt violation. However, instead, Russia scored 3 points on itself. But regardless of a outcome, it was one of a many treacherous basketball plays ever. And if it was treacherous for a fans, suppose what it contingency have been like on a court.

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