UConn women’s basketball: Napheesa Collier impressing skills manager with offseason work

August 5, 2017 - Basketballs

It became a many predicted partial of a 2016-17 UConn women’s basketball team.

Napheesa Collier would accept a pass in a paint, emanate some space and toss a shot — mostly a close-range fadeaway jumper — over her defender. More mostly than not, a shot would land in a net.

As a sophomore, Collier led UConn in scoring (20.4 points) and was third in a nation in margin idea commission (67.8). Whether she was scoring on layups or jumpers nearby a basket, Collier frequency missed.

Game after game.

“She’s a robot,” pronounced Alex Bazzell, a skills manager who has worked one-on-one with Collier for a past year. “Our other trainers speak about it … all she does, she’s so consistent. we consider it’s only her mind-set and her personality. She never unequivocally gets too high or too low.”

Collier takes a shot opposite Oregon in a 2017 NCAA tournament.

What UConn fans witnessed final deteriorate is what Bazzell has seen given he began examination her play in high propagandize 4 years ago. Bazzell, who played professionally in Germany, is a skills manager formed in his local St. Charles, Missouri, not distant from where Collier went to high school.

Collier participated in some organisation training with Bazzell’s association before enrolling during UConn. But it was after her beginner deteriorate when she committed to upgrading her diversion by operative one-on-one with Bazzell.

Bazzell pronounced he got a content from her after that initial season, when Collier was a haven on a inhabitant championship team. Collier pronounced she was anticipating to sight with him when she returned to St. Louis.

Bazzell asked how mostly she wanted to train.

“I wish to go each singular day,” she texted.

And she did, after recuperating from hip surgery. In a weeks heading adult to her lapse to Storrs, Collier enthralled herself in basketball. Bazzell, who is partial of a Pure Sweat Basketball training company, focused on Collier’s fadeaway jumper.

“How can we give we space in a post? Usually she’s undersized, height-wise,” Bazzell said. “So what if we only do small baby fadeaways when we get in a post instead of perplexing to fire offshoot shots over these girls? Last year she shot [67.8] percent on small fadeaways in a post. It done her life most easier around a basket.”

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This summer, Bazzell has been operative with Collier on a mid-range diversion and her deeper burst shot. Collier has three-point range, though she seemed to remove certainty in her shot, and she focused on scoring in a paint for most of final season.

Bazzell pronounced that Collier’s ability to enhance her diversion will emanate room in a paint, where she is so good.

“We’ve been focused on mid-range this year, generally with girls perplexing to take charges on her final year,” Bazzell said. “She got in some tainted difficulty with charges final year. And afterwards only removing her shot off a small bit quicker on a perimeter. … She looks good right now.”

Said Collier: “There are so many things we positively wish to work on. Pretty most everything, we wish to get improved at. I’m unequivocally perplexing to concentration on that this summer.”

Bazzell, 27, played during Division II Lindenwood University in St. Charles. After personification in Germany, he returned home and began operative as a skills coach.

He works with about 250 clients in a St. Louis area, from class propagandize kids by high propagandize players. He works with college players all over a nation and has dual clients in a NBA: Doug McDermott of a Oklahoma City Thunder and Bobby Portis of a Chicago Bulls.

Pure Sweat Basketball’s list of NBA clients includes Bradley Beal, Dwight Howard, Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins. Bazzell has seen a NBA players train, so he has a high bar as his indicate of reference.

And here’s what he says about Collier: “It’s crazy. We’ll chuck opposite things during her, and her ability to collect things adult is quicker than any contestant that I’ve ever seen or any contestant that I’ve each worked with. I’ve had a pleasure to see Andrew Wiggins work out for a initial time with one of a other trainers. I’ve seen Zach LaVine and some of my NBA guys. She picks adult footwork quicker than anyone I’ve seen. Sometimes it will take 15 mins with a certain pierce for one of a NBA guys to collect up. It competence take her dual reps and she’s got it. It’s crazy.”

Collier, meanwhile, doesn’t watch most NBA. Bazzell, a indicate guard, was a child who spent hours examination video of Steve Nash and perplexing to impersonate a moves. He’s a visible tyro and a video helped him urge his game.

Collier drives to a basket in a 2017 Final Four opposite MSU.

So he’s bewildered by Collier’s ability to govern on a justice though unequivocally study other players.

“She competence know maybe 5 or 10 NBA players,” he said. “She doesn’t watch a lot though is very, really intelligent about perplexing to find ways to make herself successful on a court. That’s even some-more impressive, that she doesn’t watch a ton of games.”

Bazzell talks about Collier’s high basketball IQ and inherited ability to review a floor. He also raves about her work ethic.

Do those traits sound familiar? Run by a story of good UConn players and there’s a common thread. Bazzell has worked with some of Collier’s teammates, visiting Connecticut for a event final month. He also worked with Collier and Katie Lou Samuelson in Southern California in late July.

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Bazzell has been on a justice with Crystal Dangerfield, Azura Stevens, Batouly Camara, Samuelson and Collier. Being around a Huskies gives him an even larger appreciation for Geno Auriemma’s program.

“Obviously, they’re really skilled, though they’re really smart, and they’re all really inspired to learn,” Bazzell said.. “All of them, when they’re operative out, they’re seeking questions. … As gifted and as learned as they are and as most success as they’ve had, they’re all peaceful to dump their egos when they travel in a gym and try to learn a small bit and get improved each singular time.”

Bazzell pronounced he reaches out to college coaching staffs when operative with college players. His goal, he said, is to assistance players rise within a horizon of what their coaches design from them.

“[Bazzell] really personalizes for me,” Collier said. “He looks during film, sees what your weaknesses are and what we need to get improved at. He’s helped me so much.”

Bazzell pronounced Collier can be even improved as a junior. She was already among a best players in a country, and a Huskies will be adding a 6-foot-6 Stevens to a lineup, formulating matchup problems for opponents.

With Stevens fasten a lineup of gifted players (Collier, Samuelson, Gabby Williams and Kia Nurse), UConn should be fun to watch.

“It’s going to something,” Bazzell said. “They’re going to be tough to kick a subsequent integrate of years.”

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