Top High School Basketball Player Dies After Collapsing Mid-Game: He Had ‘So Much Life’

May 29, 2018 - Basketballs

James Hampton, a tip high propagandize basketball player, died Saturday after collapsing mid by a game.

The 17-year-old played for Team United, an chosen organisation from Charlotte, North Carolina, and was competing in a Nike Elite Youth Basketball League diversion in Hampton, Virginia when he died.

Hampton ran down a justice and conspicuous to a referee, “Hey, ref,” before collapsing, Team United’s director, Jacoby Davis, said.

“He only fell down on a floor,” Davis told The Charlotte Observer. “He had seizures a year ago — and we remember [one of a Team United coaches] revelation me that, ‘I saw his eyes rolling behind in his head.’ we ran on a justice meditative he was carrying a seizure. A tutor came over and conspicuous he didn’t know what was wrong. Another tutor checked his pulse. He conspicuous he didn’t have a pulse. It got crazy after that.”

Medical responders ran onto a justice and gave Hampton chest compressions before holding him divided by ambulance to a circuitously sanatorium where he was conspicuous dead.

“It’s tough to even explain,” Davis said. “To have a child in your module with so most life — that’s only a kind of child he was. He was always happy. For something like this to happen, we can’t even explain it. And to have to pronounce to a primogenitor not even in city and tell him that his son has died, well, that’s some-more devastating.”

The organisation motionless to stay and play a rest of a tournament in Hampton’s respect and decisively won their diversion on Sunday. Chris Carrawell, Duke University’s partner manager and father to Caleb Stone-Carrawell, one of Hampton’s teammates, conspicuous it was a formidable weekend for a group.

“You could tell during a beginning, they were substantially a small emotional, in shock, so to speak,” Carrawell told a Daily Press. “Which is, wow, you’re 16, 17-years-old, and we go by what we saw on a justice reduction than 24 hours ago. For them to shake it off and respond and come divided with a large win: You can already tell, [James] is … looking out for them.”

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