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August 4, 2018 - Basketballs

The Basketball Tournament began in 2014 as an forward thought with a approved approach. The premise: Anyone could build a patrol with a teammates of their choice (aside from players underneath stream NBA contracts) and get voted into a nationwide, winner-take-all contest for $1 million.

Then $1 million became $2 million. The thought took fire, and a event’s grown some-more renouned any year. It’s been fun for basketball fans — college basketball fans in sold — given so many of a players in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) are former college hoops stars. 

So a tourney stood to be a nostalgia-driven championship that was peppered with former vital D-I names and executed in a single-elimination format. In theory, over a march of a few years, you’d get a accumulation of champions from around a nation — maybe even interjection to a team-up of alumni from a powerhouse college basketball program. 

The usually problem is one group isn’t personification along. The best ongoing dynasty in orderly American basketball was cemented on Friday night when Overseas Elite won 70-58 vs. Eberlein Drive to win nonetheless another TBT title. This group has won a whole freaking thing 4 years straight. They’re a Golden State Warriors of TBT — usually better. Overseas Elite has amassed $7 million in loot and never mislaid a game! The group is 25-0 in a story of a event. 

Since 2015, each other player/team who’s participated in TBT given a contest began has totaled $0 in winnings. 

That’s a ridiculous statistic for what is a single-elimination tournament, played year after year, opposite foe that clearly is on equal footing. 

It’s implausible to watch. The team’s so good, in fact, we consternation how a integrate of a guys on a register (all of whom are personification professionally elsewhere in a world, as a team’s name alludes to) haven’t managed to hang with an NBA franchise. 

Speaking of a NBA, Erick McCollum, younger hermit of Portland Trail Blazers ensure C.J. McCollum, got paid Friday night. He’s good. It’s plays like this, and examination this form of event, that reminds we only how good so many players around a universe are … who never get a spot of indeed personification in a NBA. 

So who’s on Overseas Elite? Here’s a mocking part: this dynasty is not overloaded with former college All-Americans. You competence consider that a group that runs roughshod year after year would be built with studs and before BMOCs, though not here.

Erick McCollum didn’t even play D-I; he attended NAIA Goshen College out of Indiana. Others on a Overseas Elite register embody Kyle Fogg (Arizona), Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga), D.J. Kennedy (St. John’s), DeAndre Kane (Iowa State), Todd O’Brien (Saint Joseph’s), Justin Burrell (St. John’s), Marc Hughes (Alabama AM), Johndre Jefferson (South Carolina), Paris Horne (St. John’s), L.T. Lockette (Middle Tennessee State) and Will McDonald (South Florida).

Chances are good we never saw during slightest half that register play in college. Yet they contain a many widespread group we’ve seen. Honestly, they’d substantially destroy many G League teams during this point. 

It’s flattering cool. They were a widespread group that still somehow had a Cinderella-type feel to them. 

Fortunately for a event, Friday night was apparently a send-off. D.J. Kennedy announced on-air that Friday’s championship was a final TBT diversion for Overseas Elite. It’s substantially improved this way. It’s time to mangle adult this celebration and piquancy adult a personification margin come 2019. 

If anything, the arise of Marquette’s alumni team, and Jimmer Fredette resurgence in this event, could set adult for some-more schools and their former stars to give a TBT pull in a years to come.

Which leads me to this: Can a American open get too most basketball? More and more, we consider a answer is no. Think about it. With a uptick in seductiveness around a NBA Draft, a increasing bearing and cooperative hype tied to NBA Summer League, a expansion of coverage and amour for college hoops recruiting and a enrichment of TBT, it feels like a competition of basketball is lonesome some-more than 10 months out of a year now. 

The ardour for basketball in so many forms continues to deepen. 

It wouldn’t be a warn to demeanour adult in 5 years and see some-more tournaments, some-more events, some-more reasons for basketball to find audiences low into late summer. With how a NBA has spiraled adult underneath a rocket boost of LeBron James — and in a epoch of a Warriors — this isn’t a renaissance. It’s explanation of how most expansion an already humongous tellurian competition can still provide. 

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