Spokane welcomes Gonzaga basketball group home as heroes

April 5, 2017 - Basketballs

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane welcomed home a city’s newest heroes on Tuesday. The Gonzaga basketball group was greeted by hundreds of locals who could not be some-more unapproachable of a parochial group that done it big.

Fans waited for a group on campus outward a McCarthey Athletic Center. GU’s craft landed around 3:40 p.m. and a group arrived during a GU campus around 4:40 p.m..

From kids to grandparents, everybody came out to support a team.

An enterprising throng welcomed a Gonzaga men’s basketball group home Tuesday afternoon.

Hundreds of fans were there to acquire a group behind home after their ancestral season.

Monday night was not a outcome that any GU fan had hoped for, though that did not stop a GU loyal from display adult in full force.

This was not a elementary welcome, some-more like a gargantuan, grand-sized nod for Gonzaga’s finest. The throng went wild.

One-by-one members of a favorite group stepped behind onto campus and into a carol of camaraderie.

“Every one of them, they’re all great. I’m gonna let my brave grow longer now,” pronounced one fan.

“You are going to take some losses, though it’s only critical for these guys to come behind and see that a village is still here for them even after a unequivocally heart-fought loss,” another fan said.

Not that a finale to this joyous tour was even sad. Ask even one of a youngest fans, and we are met with smiles and indifferent support.

“This was a farthest they’ve ever gotten, a Final Four was a unequivocally large deal. The fact that they done it this distant for a initial time ever creates me proud,” one of GU’s youngest fans said.

In a uncover of a sum category and sportsmanship of a team, players sealed autographs for a kids. It is a impulse those immature Zag fanatics will not shortly forget.

“It’s crazy, it was a dream come true. we roughly mislaid atmosphere for a second.,” a fan said.

Beyond a fad and energy, were intensity big-time mercantile rewards for Spokane.

“You improved trust it. You’ve seen it with a University and how many students they attract ow. And it unequivocally uncover with a 5 universities we have in this area,” Spokane Mayor, David Condon said.

The Zags desirous legions of fans on a justice and put Spokane on a map for a lot some-more wealth in a future. 

“The fact that they done it that distant for a initial time ever only unequivocally creates me proud,” pronounced one fan.

The Gonzaga men’s basketball group done story after securing their initial outing to a National Championship.

Although a Zags came adult brief during a game, a group really won a hearts of many behind home. 



Watch a group arrive during GU:

Watch a craft arrive in Spokane:


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