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April 14, 2014 - Basketballs / Spalding

Spalding ABA Official Game Basketball

Spalding ABA Official Game Basketball Spalding Basketballs autotags B005OTETAEMOWXC ♠ Spalding : Go ahead and ask any serious hoops fan to tell you about the ABA. You might hear how it was founded in 1967, how for nearly a decade before the merger it was the basketball alternative to the NBA, and how the NBA swallowed the ABA whole, incorporating four of its teams: the Nets, the Spurs, the Nuggets, and the Pacers. Oh, sure they played in different cities in different uniforms, but the primary differences in the two leagues were in the attitude and the ball. They played a flashier game with a red, white, and blue basketball. Superstars like Moses Malone, George Gervin, and Dr. J, first cut their teeth playing on ABA courts. Now that the ABA-style sweatband and dripping attitude is back in fashion, thanks to the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, the Spalding Official ABA Red, White, and Blue Indoor Composite 29.5 Mens Basketball, intended for indoor play, is a throwback.find more.

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