Siena men’s basketball manager Jimmy Patsos resigns amid review into abuse

April 13, 2018 - Basketballs

Siena men’s basketball manager Jimmy Patsos quiescent Friday, weeks after a college non-stop what has turn a wide-ranging review that unearthed allegations of problems trimming from violent control to financial improprieties within a program.

The pierce came some-more than a month after a finish of an 8-24 deteriorate that matched Siena’s third misfortune given a propagandize in Loudonville, N.Y., changed to a Division we turn in 1976. Patsos, a former longtime Maryland partner manager and Loyola Maryland conduct coach, still had a subsidy of jaunty executive John D’Argenio after a deteriorate and was approaching to lapse until a college non-stop a examine when a manager who has a mental commotion came brazen with allegations of written abuse.

Some of a problems found during a review — that is still ongoing, and has enclosed mixed talk sessions with players and others around a module — competence potentially arise to a turn of NCAA violations.

“The module has consistently represented a college with class, honor, and integrity,” Brother Edward Coughlin, Siena’s president, pronounced in a release. “Siena’s first Franciscan tradition calls on us to respect a elemental grace of each person. Our core values direct care and assistance figure a village where all should feel welcomed, respected, and cherished.