Siena basketball manager Jimmy Patsos denies verbally abusing group tyro manager

April 8, 2018 - Basketballs

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Flanked by dual former managers and a comparison manager, Siena men’s basketball manager Jimmy Patsos on Friday denied allegations he verbally abused a group tyro manager cheerless by an stress commotion and funded per diem allowances from players and group aides.

“That’s not true,” pronounced Patsos, who pronounced he returned early from a outing to residence allegations he called inaccurate. “I never taunted, tormented or abused this immature man. We did know that he had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He was austere that he wanted to be treated a same as anyone else.”

Patsos pronounced a manager perceived a same assignments and achieved a same tasks as a other managers and was enclosed in a sarcastic and teasing that routinely occurs among staff and players.

The Albany Times Union reported that Patsos was being investigated by a propagandize for a purported written abuse and that questions had arisen over purported self-denial of per diem allowances for players and group aides.

School officials pronounced in a matter Thursday dusk an review had begun after “the college perceived an claim of discriminatory conduct” and that a range had given widened.

“Regarding a per diems, we have no believe about these reports,” Patsos said, adding that a placement and accounting of income was rubbed by his partner coaches and a business manager. “I’m not concerned in this situation.”

The news discussion was conducted during a bureau of Patsos’ attorneys and not during a college. The manager pronounced he was entirely cooperating.

“I’ve complied completely,” pronounced Patsos, who took over during Siena before to a 2013-14 deteriorate and has led a Saints to dual 20-win seasons and dual postseason appearances.

Dick Walsh, an profession representing Patsos, pronounced a review expected would be finished within a month.

“We are prepared to start basketball. That’s what hopefully will occur next,” Walsh said. “But they’ve got to go brazen to see if there are going to be charges brought or not. If they are, we are going to urge opposite them.”

Siena finished 2017-18 during 8-24, a third true losing season, and tied a propagandize record for waste in a season. Patsos perceived a support of jaunty executive John D’Argenio during a season.

Patsos is 77-92 in 5 seasons with a Saints and is underneath agreement by a 2020-21 season. Before that, he spent 9 years during Loyola of Maryland.

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