Pitt basketball hits stone bottom with 0-18 deteriorate in ACC

March 1, 2018 - Basketballs

It was usually 7 years ago that Pitt basketball took a No. 1 seed into a NCAA Tournament. Back then, a Panthers were one of a premier programs in America, with 10 true NCAA Tournament appearances and unchanging finishes during or nearby a tip of a Big East during a tallness of a powers.

That contingency feel like it happened in another lifetime to Pitt fans these days. After Notre Dame’s 73-55 win over a Panthers Wednesday night, Pitt finished an 0-18 deteriorate in a ACC.

This is a second winless deteriorate in a ACC given 1988, fasten Boston College’s 0-18 debate dual years ago. You competence remember BC also didn’t win a discussion football diversion that year. Look on a splendid side, Pitt fans: during slightest y’all won 3 ACC football games this season.

Yes, Pitt started 4 freshmen via a year, though it’s tough to find china linings in Kevin Stallings’ second season. This is how Pitt’s calamity came to pass.

Pitt by a numbers

This is how bad it’s gotten for Pitt:

Please note that Wofford finished fifth in a Southern Conference, a joining ranked as a 21st best in a nation by KenPom. There are indeed 5 SoCon teams ranked aloft by KenPom right now than a Panthers.

That’s not where a annoyance ends:

  • Pitt mislaid a ACC games by an average of some-more than 19 points per game.
  • The Panthers’ offense finished No. 290 in a country. They were among a misfortune teams in a nation during three-point shooting, descent rebounding, and free-throw percentage.
  • Pitt wasn’t usually bad, they were also impossibly slow. The Panthers finished a year ranked No. 339 in dash out of 351 D1 teams.
  • With an altogether KenPom ranking of No. 235, a form of association Pitt keeps is roughly exclusively sub-.500 low-majors:


It’s tough to trust how quick this module strike stone bottom.

Pitt’s differing tumble from grace

Go behind to 2011. Top-seeded Pitt mislaid to Butler on an inexplicable tainted in a final second of a second turn game. Butler would go on to make a inhabitant pretension diversion for a second true season. Pitt has usually won one NCAA Tournament diversion since.

Pitt reached an Elite Eight and dual Sweet 16s in Jamie Dixon’s 13-year stay during a school. They were quickly ranked No. 1 in a nation behind in 2009 with a group led by DeJuan Blair and Sam Young. The Panthers reached a contest as a No. 10 seed in Dixon’s final year in 2016, though a module was display signs of slipping. When he left to go behind to his alma mater of TCU, a Stallings sinecure was immediately questioned, partially since his, let’s say, hot-headed temper, partially since Vanderbilt was typically uninspiring during his 17 years as conduct coach.

Now Pitt is a module wrecked by transfers and with assemblage dipping to new lows. Can Stallings unequivocally come behind from this? Can Pitt?

Like all else with a program, it’s totally in flux. It’s tough to trust how tough and how quick Pitt has fallen.

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