Over, Easy: A Basketball Aficionado Foresees a Warriors’ Surge Past a Rockets

May 29, 2018 - Basketballs

“That’s a demeanour we was articulate about,” Flournoy said. “Draymond has a look.”

And even when a Rockets ran out to a 15-point lead, Flournoy described it as “fool’s gold.” He did not consider he was being confidant with his assessment.

“As good as Houston’s played,” Flournoy said, “you still feel like Golden State is going to take control of this game.”

Like so many other coaches whose brains we had prodded over a march of a series, Flournoy was dumbfounded by Houston’s offense. He was not worried so most by a volume of one-on-one sets that featured James Harden handling from a tip of a key, though by a miss of transformation around him. Harden’s teammates were so still that a Warriors were means to preserve appetite on invulnerability and send assistance whenever Harden did expostulate to a basket.

“If I’m Houston, yes, we played well, and yes, we’re up, though it’s a peculiarity of how we’re up,” Flournoy pronounced during halftime. “If they don’t find easier ways to score, it’s going to be a prolonged night. Because during some point, Harden will tire. And we consider a Warriors will also wear him down since he’s going to have to urge someone during a other end.”

It frequency helped, of course, that Chris Paul, a Rockets’ starting indicate guard, was absent with a hamstring injury. He was someone who combined additional transformation on offense, Flournoy said.

source ⦿ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/29/sports/golden-state-warriors-houston-rockets.html

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