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June 7, 2018 - Basketballs

This was not accurately a same shot from Kevin Durant.

Game 3 of a NBA Finals again, yes.

Left wing pull-up, yes.

Back in Cleveland, yes.

Final notation again, yes.

But this one was deeper than his dagger was a year ago — and it cut deeper as well. And on a night where Stephen Curry couldn’t fire and Klay Thompson wasn’t many better, Durant put a Golden State Warriors on his slim shoulders and carried them to a margin of apropos back-to-back NBA champions for a initial time.

Durant’s 33-footer was a final act in his 43-point night, and a Warriors kick a Cleveland Cavaliers 110-102 in Game 3 of a finals on Wednesday night to take a 3-0 lead in a pretension array for a second true season. A year ago, his shot from a bit closer — 26 feet, strictly — put a Warriors forward to stay in what became a five-point win. This time, a longer one put Golden State adult by 6 and sent fans starting to conduct toward a exits.

“Different game, opposite season, opposite feel,” Durant shrugged afterward, meaningful full good how identical it was to a one he strike final deteriorate and meaningful what it means right now. “Just a opposite vibe around a team.”

No, it isn’t.

That group had a championship vibe. Soon, maybe Friday, maybe not until Monday, this group will have a same.

This was since a Warriors indispensable Durant, and this is since Durant indispensable a Warriors. He was an chosen actor before he went to Golden State. He’s now about to be a two-time champion since he went to Golden State. And it’s a sign to a rest of a NBA that when a free-agency selling kiosks open on Jul 1, this is a group to be chasing.

They did not have a super unchanging season. They are a Superteam, though question.

To win any NBA Finals game, on a road, when LeBron James has a triple-double, when they trailed many of a night, when a necessity was as many as 13 early, when Curry and Thompson shot a total 7 for 27 … usually a Superteam can lift that off.

“It’s roughly like personification a Patriots,” Cleveland luminary LeBron James pronounced Wednesday night. “You can’t have mistakes. They’re not going to kick themselves. You know, so when you’re means to possibly force a miscue on them, we have to be means to gain and we have to be so in tuned and razor pointy and focused any singular possession. You can’t have miscommunication, we can’t have flaws … since they’re going to make we pay.”

James had a triple-double. He’s 3 rebounds bashful of averaging one in this series. He even had a prominence play of a series, a shot (which was unequivocally a pass) off a backboard to himself that he rebounded and viciously dunked. And he’s still down 3-0.

He’s not conceding. But he is clearly tipping his top to a Warriors, his nemesis in any of a final 4 Junes and a group that’s one win bashful of violence him in 3 of those series.

“That’s what championship teams do,” James said. “That’s what championship players do. They arise to a occasion, and that’s what Golden State has finished a final 4 years.”

Durant has done utterly a career out of rising to a occasion.

He was amused progressing in this array by a doubt that suggested a defining impulse of his career was a 3-pointer in Game 3 final season. (“You know, we had a flattering plain career before we strike that shot, we felt,” Durant said.) He will be equally amused when he gets asked if a shot he done Wednesday will also be a defining moment. He’s been an MVP, a Finals MVP, an Olympic bullion medalist already.

This is only what’s next.

“I was really excited,” pronounced Durant, who tends to try and keep emotions to himself. “It’s tough to make shots during this turn in a NBA and we know that. But during a same time we knew a diversion wasn’t over.”

It competence as good have been. Cleveland got within 4 on a subsequent possession after Durant’s dagger, though never any closer.

“They have a series of guys that can bail their group out on any play, any game, any possession,” Cleveland’s Kevin Love said. “And he’s been that for them a series of times. Defenses try to devise for him, though when you’re 6-11, 7-feet and you’re sharpened a idle pullup on a left wing from 27 feet that’s flattering tough to guard.”

For a record, Durant done any bid to defer a credit Wednesday night. He didn’t consider his shot was a biggest of a game. He suspicion Curry’s sole 3-pointer in 10 tries — one that put a Warriors adult by 4 with 2:38 remaining — carried some-more weight, and he competence have been right.

But Durant finished it off. The game. The season. The title, basically.

“You know, we’ve got a lot of depth,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr said. “We’ve got a lot of guys who can play, and they’re all chipping in. But we should substantially go behind to Kevin Durant, shouldn’t we? That was extraordinary what he did.”


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