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May 26, 2017 - Basketballs

Confucius. Hegel. Du Bois. Some of a biggest minds have pondered one confusing question: How executive a purpose does basketball have to play in a film for it to be deliberate a “basketball movie”? And, while we’re during it, given is film basketball so bad?

The Basketball Analogy convened to ruminate over such concerns, and by means of a Socratic method, narrowed down a list of some-more than 30 basketball and basketball-related films. Gone are a sentimental mainstays (farewell, “Hoosiers”). Departed are a lauded documentaries (sorry, “Hoop Dreams”).

These cinema are delicately (and unequivocally subjectively) curated to put a basket and round above all. And it doesn’t harm to have a superb soundtrack.

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10. “Coach Carter”

Curtis Harris: It was about basketball. Like, purely. There’s basketball all a approach by it.

Amin Elhassan: “Coach Carter” deserves to be there given of a repute and it’s about basketball.

9. “Glory Road”

Amin Elhassan: Fun fact: You know who played on that Kentucky group in that game?

Tom Haberstroh: Pat Riley. And a male who doesn’t unequivocally make it famous that he played for Kentucky.

8. “Space Jam”

Ohm Youngmisuk: The informative impact of “Space Jam” is undeniable. And it gave us a Space Jam 11 shoes!

Tom Haberstroh: we haven’t seen it given we was a child and we desired it. But everybody keeps observant it’s so bad and now I’m starting to consternation if I’m improved off never saying it again.

7. “Semi-Pro”

Jade Hoye: “Semi-Pro” is a great, good movie.

Amin Elhassan: They did a good pursuit of capturing what a ABA was like!

6. “Forget Paris”

Amin Elhassan: The best cameo is when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is on his farewell debate and [Billy Crystal] T’s him adult and Kareem says, “You can’t T me up! I’m on my farewell tour!” and he says, “Well, concede me to be a initial to contend farewell.”

Ohm Youngmisuk: And kicks him out of a game!

5. “Above a Rim”

Amin Elhassan: Reason to like it is they indeed expel someone who could play basketball as a basketball player, though a executive thesis to a film is Shep is uneasy given his crony fell off a roof perplexing to applause boards.

Curtis Harris: I’m blissful we can compartmentalize your absurdities.

4. “Blue Chips”

Curtis Harris: “Blue Chips” got a stage where Bob Cousy creates about 15 giveaway throws in a quarrel unscripted.

Ohm Youngmisuk: He’s a jaunty executive who turns a blind eye to everything!

3. “Love and Basketball”

Ohm Youngmisuk: we desired Gabrielle Union in that movie. Her articulate pound during prom, “Oh, we didn’t know Nike done dresses.”

2. “He Got Game”

Ohm Youngmisuk: Best basketball name: Neon Boudeaux or Jesus Shuttlesworth?

Amin Elhassan: Jesus Shuttlesworth is a best name. People called Ray Allen “Jesus” after that. It was so iconic, his name became kind of secondary.

1. “White Men Can’t Jump”

Amin Elhassan: For my money, it’s a biggest sports film of all time.

Jade Hoye: Can’t go wrong with hustling movies, we know?

Amin Elhassan: When Wesley Snipes creates a shot — we consider a fourth shot in a quarrel — he says, “It hurts being this good.” And Kadeem [Hardison] says, “A thing of beauty is a fun forever. My male John Keats pronounced that. John Keats. That’s my man.” That’s extraordinary discourse delivered brilliantly.

More: The Basketball Analogy film podcast | Rank your favorites!

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