Maryland freshmen Fernando and Morsell move new dimension to Terps men’s basketball

October 31, 2017 - Basketballs

As a beginner 3 years ago, Michal Cekovsky frequency spoke any English and frequency seemed prepared to assume a starting purpose on a Maryland men’s basketball team.

Fellow beginner Jared Nickens positively knew a language, though aside from knocking down some purchase 3-pointers, you’d frequency notice he was there.

Now seniors, Cekovsky and Nickens are among a many welcoming players on manager Mark Turgeon’s 2017-18 team. Then again, it doesn’t take most to make dual of this year’s freshmen feel as if they belong.

Fernando concedes that blank time with a damage “has been tough. we hatred being on a sidelines.” But he’s carefree of creation his entrance subsequent week.