Man charged in murdering of teen slain personification basketball in Cicero

December 22, 2017 - Basketballs

A male who urged a immature teen to glow another teen as he played basketball with friends in Cicero was systematic hold on $1 million bail Friday in tie with a murder charge, according to authorities.

Desmond Jones, 20, is charged with murder in a Aug. 22 genocide of Irving Estrada, 17, as Estrada played basketball with friends in a 1600 retard of South 56th Court, dual blocks north of where military contend Jones lives. Maybrook District Court Judge Gregory Paul Vasquez systematic Jones hold in lieu of $1 million bail in a conference on Friday afternoon, according to justice records.

Cicero military arrested Jones on Thursday, according to Cicero orator Ray Hanania. Jones was named in a murder aver in September, according to justice records. He was charged after being arrested in an separate matter this week, though another immature teen is still sought in a killing, authorities said.

Estrada and his friends were personification basketball in Warren Park about 8 p.m., when a male came adult on his bicycle and asked them if they wanted any “loud” — a tenure for a sold aria of pot that’s also used as jargon for a drug — conspicuous Tandra Simonton, a mouthpiece for a Cook County state’s attorney’s office. The teen and his friends declined, and a male rode off.