How KU basketball won a scheduling diversion … again

June 30, 2018 - Basketballs

Kansas basketball expelled a nonconference report Friday, and it’ll usually be healthy for fans to speak about 3 games in particular: a Champions Classic opposite Michigan State, a home competition opposite Villanova and a highway matchup opposite Kentucky.

Those will be fun, and they’ll approaching browbeat inhabitant sports coverage for a day. But they aren’t a reason that KU once again was successful in a nonconference scheduling usually like any other year.

The beauty, for a Jayhawks, once again lies in a other teams that turn out a line-up — ones that are good adequate to yield a report boost while remaining bad adequate to not poise a critical hazard of indeed winning.

This has been — and continues to be — KU’s tip arms when it comes to NCAA Tournament seeding any year. The NCAA refuses to acknowledge that it can exist in a universe yet a RPI, so KU’s schedule-maker Larry Keating continues to artificially boost a Jayhawks’ résumé regulating totally authorised methods.

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KU’s early report design is a same any year: Load adult on a good teams in bad conferences. Because half of a RPI regulation is formed on a win-loss record of your opponents, it pays to face teams early that will shelve adult wins late.

The Jayhawks have copiousness of foes that fit a criteria. Vermont should be a collect to win a America East, while Wofford (Southern), South Dakota (Summit) and New Mexico State (WAC) are approaching to be top-two teams in their particular leagues.

All 4 will play KU as vital underdogs. According to early numbers from Bart Torvik, KU’s approaching win percentages in any of those games are 95 percent or above, definition a risk of an dissapoint is roughly nil.

This tiny courtesy to fact has genuine consequences. It can be seen many clearly in another of Torvik’s calculations, as his 2018-19 RPI foresee has KU during No. 1 … with no other organisation quite close.

This report should demeanour good to a preference cabinet as well. The organisation doesn’t exclusively use RPI anymore, yet it does still occupy that ranking to establish a numbers in a plot breakdown; any team’s wins are damaged into 4 quadrants, with a cabinet display a tendency final year to inflate Quadrant 1 and 2 wins.

(As a discerning primer: Quadrant 1 wins are home victories opposite RPI teams 1-30, neutral-court wins opposite 1-50 and highway victories over 1-75. Quadrant 2 covers home wins opposite RPI teams 31-75, neutral-court wins opposite 51-100 and highway victories opposite 76-135.)

Each of a 4 intensity wins mentioned above have a possibility to finish adult in Quadrant 2, just like final year’s home blowouts opposite South Dakota State (98-64) and Toledo (96-58). Those dual formula helped KU amass 21 total Quadrant 1 and 2 wins in 2017-18; that was a many of any organisation in a nation, and positively helped a Jayhawks’ box as a No. 1 seed on Selection Sunday.

The law is this: Coach Bill Self substantially doesn’t need a seeding reserve net this year. The Jayhawks appear to be loaded, and they’re approaching to be possibly No. 1 or No. 2 in a inhabitant preseason polls expelled in a few months.

KU isn’t vouchsafing a intensity dark advantage go by, though. The Jayhawks not usually filled out a tip finish of their nonconference schedule, yet they also continued to smartly name a rest, selecting opponents that a RPI will adore and a preference cabinet will during slightest recognize.

Maybe someday some-more schools will follow suit. Or maybe — hopefully — a NCAA will work to tighten this loophole.

Until then, design KU and Keating to continue their RPI strategy … one hand-picked propagandize during a time.

2018-19 KU nonconference report (home games in ALL CAPS)

Thursday, Oct. 25 — EMPORIA STATE (exhibition)

Thursday, Nov. 1 — WASHBURN (exhibition)

Tuesday, Nov. 6 — vs. Michigan State (Indianapolis, Champions Classic)

Monday, Nov. 12 — VERMONT (NIT home contest)

Friday, Nov. 16 — LOUISIANA (NIT home contest)

Wednesday, Nov. 21 — vs. TBD (Brooklyn, N.Y., NIT semifinals)

Friday, Nov. 23 — vs. TBD (Brooklyn, N.Y., NIT finals)

Saturday, Dec. 1 — STANFORD

Tuesday, Dec. 4 — WOFFORD

Saturday, Dec. 8 — vs. New Mexico State (Sprint Center)

Saturday, Dec. 15 — VILLANOVA

Tuesday, Dec. 18 — SOUTH DAKOTA

Saturday, Dec. 22 — during Arizona State

Saturday, Dec. 29 — EASTERN MICHIGAN

Saturday, Jan. 26 — during Kentucky (SEC/Big 12 Challenge)

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