Former Basketball Player Marcus Damas Shoots His Shot In The Business League

September 12, 2017 - Basketballs

It might seem to some immature black group that they have usually a few paths to success like sports or entertainment. While former veteran basketball actor Marcus Damas took a abroad joining track himself, he hopes his second career in selling shows kids where he’s from that there are other avenues to success.

After apropos one of a tip 20-scorers of all time during Towson University, and personification dual deteriorate of veteran basketball in Sweden, Damas changed behind stateside to spend some-more time with his family.  While he figured out his subsequent move, Damas took a pursuit during EA Sports operative as a consultant to assistance structure their games and bond them with athletes. His time there, bridging a opening between sports and entertainment, done Fueled by Culture a healthy subsequent step.

Fueled by Culture is Damas’ artistic selling group focused on bridging a opening between enlightenment and technology. He connects rappers and athletes to brands, that creates a influencer, business, eventuality ecosystem a group thrives on.


Marcus Damas chats with Young Jeezy Chat during Jan 5 event.

“It was unequivocally healthy to me,” Damas said. “I’ve always been around a party universe from assembly people to a NBA friends that we have, and I’m only good during gripping relations and I’ve found a approach to supplement value to them.”

In underneath a year a 27- year-old businessman has connected Detroit Pistons brazen Tobias Harris to Pure Barre, 2 Chainz to Lyft and Golden State Warriors sharpened ensure Nick Young to Postmates for events and code activations.  

All of this came after a success of FBC’s initial eventuality with rapper Young Jeezy. The well-connected Damas refers to Jeezy as a friend, and wanted to respect him for a work he does in is community, that took a bit of finessing that paid off.


Iman Shumpert and Marcus Damas poise for a design during an eventuality honoring Young Jeezy.

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