For former Marshall coach, basketball helps summon a cracked life

May 2, 2017 - Basketballs

Shawn Harrington and Patrick Beverley have a West Side upbringing and Marshall High School basketball in common, along with a faith that ferocity trumps refinement in a diversion they love.

Beverley, cornerback-quick and linebacker-strong during 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, has been proof a indicate in a NBA playoffs, a hard-edged personality of a Rockets’ success in negating a triple-double firepower of a Thunder’s Russell Westbrook.

That his protege’s descent punch would warn a TV commentators brings a faraway grin to Harrington’s fluent face. He coached Beverley during Marshall and has famous a 28-year-old indicate ensure given Beverley was a “shorty” training a diversion on West Side playgrounds, where toughness was a requirement.

“Pat led a state in scoring his comparison year during Marshall,” Harrington recalled. “He played both sides of a round — in a (Public League) Red West we had to. And once he got to a NBA, he satisfied he was usually going to hang if he became a lockdown defender. But Pat was always a scorer.”