‘Fist Bump Kid’ Signs With WPI Men’s Basketball Team

July 20, 2018 - Basketballs

He competence not have a height, yet this new actor positively has a strength and a heart to join Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s men’s basketball team.

Boston-headquartered inhabitant nonprofit Team IMPACT, whose goal is to urge a peculiarity of life for children confronting critical and ongoing illnesses by a energy of team, along with WPI Men’s Basketball, hold a special breeze day jubilee for 12-year-old Liam Fitzgerald of Northborough, Massachusetts, Thursday during a WPI Sports and Recreation Center in Worcester. Liam, famous to area sports fans as a Boston Bruins’ “fist strike kid,” was diagnosed in 2006 with leukemia.

Through Team IMPACT’s module during Division III WPI, Liam, a tip recruit, will turn an central member of a men’s basketball team. As a group member, Liam will attend a Engineers’ practices, games, group dinners, events and more.

Team IMPACT connects children confronting critical or ongoing illnesses with college jaunty teams, combining lifelong holds and life-changing outcomes. Since 2011, Team IMPACT has matched some-more than 1,500 children with some-more than 500 colleges and universities in 48 states, reaching over 50,000 participating student-athletes. The child joins a jaunty group and a student-athletes join a child’s support team. Throughout a journey, a child gains strength, intercourse and support while a student-athletes knowledge lessons of courage, resiliency and viewpoint they can’t learn in a classroom.

Fist Bump Kid Joins WPI Engineers

Fist Bump Kid Joins WPI Engineers

WPI has a prolonged story of signing Team IMPACT athletes to a teams, many recently in football, baseball, and women’s softball.

Two hundred campers chanted Liam’s name Thursday as he took his time signing his name on a dotted line. He didn’t take all a credit for his success, though. They initial difference out of his mouth were about his biggest fan.

“I’m happy my mom’s here,” he said.

Christine Fitzgerald walked in not meaningful her son was being honored.

“Every time we see him try something and we see him get vehement about it and other people get vehement about it, we feel like he is only as good as a other kids here as they are for him,” pronounced Fitzgerald.

You could contend Liam brings a feverishness when it comes to being in a spotlight. You competence remember him from a viral video for a Bruins. Liam was propitious adequate to go down to a dais for warmups before a Bruins game. He sat during a finish of a bench, fist-bumping any player as they left a ice. Video of a darling interactions went viral, and Liam became something of a celebrity. Trading label association Upper Deck even gave Liam his possess card.

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“That’s when we see his celebrity come out when he’s doing something he likes he’s only lucent and that’s what showed on a dais that day,” pronounced Fitzgerald.

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