Community rallies together in memory of slain basketball player

July 2, 2017 - Basketballs

People tighten to Jerrodd Brown contend there are dual things that he loving a many during his life – family and basketball.

Those dual elements were on full arrangement currently as a village came together to applaud a life of Brown, a 25-year-old Houma internal and former Terrebonne High School basketball actor who was shot and killed during a jubilee in Gonzales on Jun 24.

A vast entertainment of family, friends and village supporters attended a basketball contest hold during Brown’s Terrebonne High School alma mater and a candlelight burial rite hold during Dumas Park in Houma today.

The events were a approach for a village to combine and assistance support Brown’s family. All deduction from a basketball tournament, that was named a 5IVE Tournament for Roddy, will go to Brown’s family.

Brown’s mother, Anita Brown, pronounced she was impressed by a escape of adore and support from a community. She hopes her son’s genocide inspires a village to convene together for any other. 

“I walked in and my eyes only went flowing since a support is unbelievable,” Anita Brown said. “I tell we it shouldn’t only stop here. We as a black community, we need to come together. If we can come together for this day, we can come together tomorrow and any other day.”

Jerrodd Brown was a internal high propagandize basketball standout from Houma and graduated from Terrebonne High School in 2010. Following graduation, he spent time as a college basketball actor during several colleges, including Frank Phillips Community College in Texas, North Dakota State College of Science in North Dakota and Voorhees College in South Carolina.

The basketball contest captivated many of Brown’s former teammates and opponents, featuring scarcely 30 teams and over 100 players from Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, Assumption and other circuitously parishes. Both of Terrebonne’s gyms were packaged with spectators via a event.

Many stream and former internal high propagandize basketball standouts attended, including former South Terrebonne High star and veteran basketball actor Ben Adams, a longtime family crony of Jerrodd Brown.

Adams said the contest was a best approach to respect Jerrodd Brown’s memory since of how most he desired personification basketball and coaching a diversion to area youth. Friends contend a basketball standout had aspirations of organizing a basketball tournament, so it was a approach of creation his dream come true.

“When we delayed down in life and we consider about since we’re doing it, it hits home,” Adams said. “For me, we indeed cried before we played. This is for him. This is basketball. This is what he desired to do. we consider no other approach besides a basketball jubilee to send him home is perfect. Everybody is display love. There is no foolishness. Everybody is carrying fun and enjoying themselves. What improved way.”

Organizers for a basketball contest were Missy Coleman, Stan Coleman, Jahyri Coleman and Jerrodd Brown’s brother, Tory Brown. It took only 3 days to put a contest together. 

Stan Coleman, who is a former high propagandize teammate of Jerrodd Brown, pronounced today’s events showed how critical it is for a village to come together during comfortless times.

“I only hatred that it had to occur like this for all us to come together,” Stan Coleman said. “I wish we can do this any year. we approaching this vast audience since Roddy had adore from everywhere. It seemed like everybody was carrying a good time. It was a large family reunion.”   

Tory Brown pronounced a community raised adult to $7,000 during a tournament. Many people donated money, food, drinks and other items.

The organizers are anticipating to make it an annual village eventuality and start a grant account for area kids.

“We only wish to build a village adult and let everybody know any other and only assistance one another instead of perplexing to take from one another,” Tory Brown said. “We are contemptible that it took my hermit to be a scapegoat for something like this to happen, though we’re withdrawal it in God’s hands and God knows best.”

Anita Brown pronounced Jerrodd Brown was a good male who desired his family, generally his 1-year-old son Kason Brown.

Although she misses her son, Anita Brown pronounced it put a grin on her face to see so many immature people during today’s events. She wants a eventuality to continue to grow and yield a certain sourroundings for area youth.

“This is not a day that we’re going to forget,” Anita Brown said. “We’re going to be doing this any year. If we can come together for one, we can come together for all. That’s what it’s all about – unity. We need that in a community.  It’s a poetic thing. we only appreciate God for putting a regard in these immature people’s heart to come out and lift money.”

After a basketball contest ended, many supporters went to a candlelight vigil. Many stood silently while holding candles. Balloons with Jerrodd Brown’s No. 5 jersey series were expelled in a sky.

Chantell Scott, who is Jerrodd Brown’s cousin, orderly a candlelight vigil, that was attended by scarcely 100 people.

“It showed that a whole village is hurting,” Scott said. “It only warmed my heart that as many people in a village desired him as most as we did. We all desired him, though it seemed like a whole state of Louisiana desired him too. It doesn’t give us closure, though it gives us warmth. We’re all in this together.”

Brandon Brown, Jerrodd’s hermit and a former Terrebonne/Tulane University basketball standout, pronounced his younger hermit might be gone, though his suggestion will live forever.

“His celebrity was so contagious,” Brandon Brown said. “That’s since it was so hapless since he got along with everybody, generally with a kids. We saw a lot of people with a ‘5ive’ shirts on. That says a lot. He influenced a lot of people. That’s what we desired about him, and we’re going to skip him.”

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