College basketball rankings: Behind a numbers of a AP Top 25 in Week 16

February 21, 2017 - Basketballs

With usually a few some-more games to play before discussion tournaments start, teams are using out of time to make their NCAA contest case. The statements, though, might be entrance from a best teams in a country.

The tip 10 teams in a AP Top 25 check suffered usually 3 waste on a week (two of those go to Baylor), and usually 8 ranked teams fell. Thus, for a second week in a row, a Top 25 stayed comparatively calm.


Here’s a weekly in-depth demeanour during a latest book of a rankings (released Feb. 20) and a peek behind during a poll’s 16-week history:

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37-11 — ranked teams’ record final week, including a 16-3 symbol for top-10 teams. The past dual weeks, a tip 10 had left a total 25-11.

9 — conferences that are represented in this week’s Top 25. The ACC has a many teams with six, while a subsequent closest has three. By weighting a conferences by group rankings (No. 1 is value 25, No. 25 is value 1), a ACC comes out in initial place, followed by a Pac 12, that is a usually discussion with dual teams sitting in a tip 5.

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4 — spots, a biggest burst this week: by Notre Dame (No. 25 to No. 21). Last week, a Fighting Irish took down Boston College (84-76) and NC State (81-72), pulling their stream win strain to 4 games. Notre Dame looks for punish opposite Georgia Tech on Sunday when a Yellow Jackets, who dissapoint a Fighting Irish in Atlanta progressing this year, come to town.

5 — spots, a biggest dump this week: by Baylor (No. 4 to No. 9) and Wisconsin (No. 11 to No. 16). The Bears forsaken both of their games final week, descending on a highway to unranked Texas Tech (84-78) and losing during home to No. 3 Kansas (65-63). But back-to-back games with Iowa State (Feb. 25) and No. 12 West Virginia (Feb. 27) will give Baylor an event to solid itself and potentially secure a No. 2 seed in a Big 12 tournament.

4 — spots, a longest ceiling streak: by Florida. After dropping to No. 25 in Week 12 (Jan. 23), Florida is 8-0, with a matter 88-66 win over No. 8 Kentucky on Feb. 4. The Gators are tied with No. 11 Kentucky for a SEC lead. Each group expected has usually one some-more ranked matchup left in a unchanging season: when they face off on Feb. 25 in a diversion that will substantially confirm a discussion champion. 

3 — spots, a longest strain down: by Maryland. The Terrapins appearance during No. 17 in Week 13 (Jan. 30), though have left 3-3 since, losing to No. 23 Purdue (73-72), unranked Penn State (70-64) and No. 11 Wisconsin (71-60).


12 — teams that have been ranked in a tip 5 during some point. Duke (Preseason, Weeks 2, 4-8), Kentucky (Preseason, Weeks 2-4, 11, 12), Kansas (Preseason, Weeks 3-16), Villanova (Preseason-Week 16), Oregon (Preseason, Weeks 2, 14), UNC (Weeks 2-4), Indiana (Week 3), Baylor (Weeks 5-10, 12, 13, 15), UCLA (Weeks 5-11, 16), Gonzaga (Weeks 9-16), Arizona (Weeks 13, 15-16) and Louisville (Week 14).

5 — teams that have been ranked No. 1 this year. Duke (Preseason-Week 2), Kentucky (Weeks 3-4), Villanova (Weeks 5-9, 11-12), Baylor (Week 10), Gonzaga (Weeks 13-16).

41 — teams that have been ranked this season.

1 — team that has never forsaken in a rankings: Gonzaga. The Bulldogs began a deteriorate during No. 14 and have usually climbed to a No. 1 spot. Gonzaga is a usually dominant team, sitting during 28-0.

8  teams that were ranked in a preseason that have a net-positive ranking movement: Gonzaga (+13: started No. 14, now No. 1), Louisville (+6: started No. 13, now No. 7), West Virginia (+8: started No. 20, now No. 12), UCLA (+11: started No. 16, now No. 5),  Maryland (+1: started No. 25, now No. 24), Villanova (+2: started No. 4, now No. 2), Arizona (+6: started No. 10, now No. 4), Purdue (+1: started No. 15, now No. 14).

16 — teams that have been ranked each week given a preseason: Villanova, Kansas, UCLA, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Creighton, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, Louisville, Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, Duke, Purdue and Saint Mary’s.

11  spots, a biggest single-week drop: by Duke. The Blue Devils fell from No. 7 to No. 18 between Week 10 (Jan. 9) and Week 11 (Jan. 16). During that span, Duke went 0-2, losing to No. 14 Louisville (78-69) and No. 9 Florida State (88-72). Oregon might have Duke kick in a anvil category. The Ducks plummeted 19 spots in dual weeks, from No. 4 to No. 23 with a stop during No. 13 (Week 2, Nov. 14 – Week 4, Nov. 28). The Ducks were 3-2 during that stretch, descending to unranked Baylor (66-49) and unranked Georgetown (65-61).

5  weeks, a many one group has stayed in a same position: by 3 teams. Villanova stayed on tip during No. 1 from Week 5 (Dec. 5) to Week 9 (Jan. 2) before descending to No. 3 for one week, afterwards jumping behind to a tip spot. Kansas was No. 3 during that same camber before climbing to a No. 2 ranking in Week 10 (Jan. 9). And Duke stayed during No. 5 from Week 4 (Nov. 28) to Week 8 (Dec. 26) before dropping to No. 8.

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