Can My Son Make The High School Basketball Team Without Travel Ball Experience?

June 19, 2017 - Basketballs

My 14-year-old son Ryan has always desired basketball. He loves his Philadelphia 76ers. He loves a NBA 2K video games. He can recite a lyrics to Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball.”

“Basketball is my favorite sport/I adore a approach they leap adult and down a court…”

However, Ryan’s career personification basketball is rather limited. He played — with a encumber of me as his manager — in a Alsip (Ill.) Park District joining in fifth and sixth grades, yet was out in a final turn of cuts when he attempted out for his youth high group in seventh grade.

Ryan skipped eighth-grade tryouts, yet that was since of what had been his initial love: a theater. As with seventh-grade, he was a masculine lead in a propagandize musical, whose use report runs a same time as basketball season. He didn’t wish to risk losing a lead since he had to separate his time with basketball.

As a propagandize year went on, though, it was transparent that Ryan couldn’t shake his basketball jones.

He spent most of his giveaway time personification hoops, generally hours and hours on a weekends during a Apollo Recreation Center in Alsip, site of his orderly basketball days. He shot on a expostulate hoop. He shot during his neighborhood park hoops. He played anyone and everyone. He watched videos online to learn basketball tips. He did this with very small of my impasse whatsoever, solely to expostulate him to Apollo. This has usually accelerated as Ryan has entered the summer before his beginner year.

And this leads us to an examination of sorts: can a self-motivated gym rat, with small orderly basketball experience, most reduction any travel-ball play, and with relatives that are good south of a Lavar Ball line, make his high propagandize basketball team? And I’ll supplement that Ryan’s high school, Richards in Oak Lawn, Ill., is a alma mater of Dwyane Wade.

Bob Cook

Ryan, live from a Apollo (Recreation Center).

If you’re a arrange of primogenitor who has spent a lot of income on transport round for your child’s sport, we competence answer: my gosh, no. Or maybe: my gosh, we wish not. Because Ryan creation a group could uncover all that spending was a rubbish of time, right?

I’m not naive: Ryan is going to have some unbending foe from some-more gifted players when basketball tryouts come in November. But here is because Ryan has a good shot — and we wish what I’m pity is helpful to anyone who has a child who is truly ardent about a competition or activity with small or no parental pulling whatsoever.

He grew. A lot.

One large disproportion between now and his seventh-grade tryout: then, he was around 4-foot-10. Now, he’s about 5-foot-11. OK, it’s not a certain eye-catcher like 6-foot-5. But we can’t disagree with that gait of expansion spurt, and during slightest now he’s a tallness that doesn’t have a coaches dismissing him a impulse they see him.

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