Bishop O’Dowd basketball standout to attend Castlemont

July 19, 2018 - Basketballs

OAKLAND — Bishop O’Dowd basketball standout Raymond Hawkins is relocating on to Castlemont for his comparison season, aiming to urge academically while creation an impact in a village that has tugged during his and his family’s heartstrings.

Hawkins pronounced he was 6 when his father, Raymond Hawkins Jr., was killed in a shadows of a Castlemont campus.

“I grew adult in a ‘Alivingroom’ apartments opposite a travel from Castlemont, where my father was murdered,” Hawkins pronounced Wednesday. “My father is a reason we play basketball, and my whole mother’s side of a family graduated from Castlemont.

“It will be emotional. But we feel like I’ll be means to play to a best of my ability given we feel like I’ll be really tighten to him. I’ll be tighten to him in spirit.”

The 6-foot-8 Hawkins missed many of final deteriorate though overcame what O’Dowd manager Lou Richie called “personal challenges” to have an impact down a stretch as a Dragons won a North Coast Section championship and reached a Northern California Open Division final.

Hawkins hopes to have identical success during Castlemont.

“I’m entrance to change a notice of a enlightenment of a propagandize and change a notice of a village and change a basketball module around,” pronounced Hawkins, who has college offers from Colorado, Kansas State, Colorado State and Loyola Marymount, according to 247Sports.

Hawkins perceived acknowledgment Wednesday from a Oakland Unified School District that he was reserved to Castlemont.

The Oakland Athletic League will subsequent establish either he is authorised during a start of a deteriorate or after a sit-out period.

Castlemont manager Thirkell Debellotte pronounced a further of Hawkins could take a group good over a finish final season. Castlemont mislaid to Oakland Tech in a city final.

“He is going to have a outrageous impact on a whole community,” Debellotte said. “Last year was my initial year and we played for a city championship. we have many of my kids entrance back. We changed substantially from a expectations of winning a joining to perplexing to win a state.”

Debellotte is wakeful of Hawkins’ family conditions and will call on his knowledge to help.

“A lot of a kids here have been by trauma,” he said. “I am flattering seasoned. we have been operative in Oakland given 2005. Basketball is a good opening for kids.”

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