Basketball: PAL crowns the contest champions, CCS next

February 18, 2018 - Basketballs

HALF MOON BAY — When a Central Coast Section cabinet meets Sunday morning to cruise a predestine of a Peninsula Athletic League, a résumé for dual teams perceived a boost a night before, presumably adequate to acquire spots in a Open Division.

Just don’t ask Sequoia boys basketball manager Fine Lauese about where his group belongs.

“Let a cabinet debate,” he said. “Put us in a Open, in a boondocks, we don’t care. Wherever we finish up, we’re going to do a best to get a guys prepared to play.”

Four days after earning a initial joining pretension given 1977, Sequoia battered a approach by a PAL Tournament finals hold in Half Moon Bay to come out as back-to-back champion Saturday night with a 62-48 delight over Jefferson.

“All we’re looking brazen right now to is CCS — and we’re perplexing to win more,” Sequoia comparison Pedram Attari said. “This is usually a commencement for us and we’re perplexing to go as distant as we can.”

The Cherokees (22-5), with a third contest pretension in a past 4 years, never trailed after jumping to an 8-0 lead that grew to 23-7 early in a second quarter.

The Grizzlies (20-7) got within 4 points after opening a second half with a dilemma trey by youth Luis Villareal and attempted to convene behind a game-high 21 points from 6-foot-6 comparison Rodney Lawrence, though for a infancy of a fourth entertain Jefferson faced a double-digit deficit.

“We take honour in a defense,” Sequoia comparison Zach Bené said. “I mean, that’s what we concentration on each practice, each game. We always wish to be hustling on defense. If a offense isn’t there, a invulnerability is going to save us. Defense wins championships, that’s what we showed today.”

With a lanky 6-4 frame, Bené is deployed on a fringe rather than tighten to a rim. He emptied a integrate of 3-pointers and finished with 11 points, though many of his change was felt while badgering an small backcourt for Jefferson.

“Most of a time he’s not putting adult a numbers on offense, though we consider has been one of a pivotal leaders on defense,” Lauese said. “Whoever a best actor is on a other team, that’s whose Zach’s shortcoming is. Zach is dialed in on invulnerability each game, each night.”

Once again, it was 6-6½ core Ziggy Lauese — a coach’s nephew — in assign of a complicated lifting in a paint with a team-high 18 points, while Attari iced a diversion from a line to moment double digits with 14 points.

“Our tallness advantage helped out a lot, Ziggy played a unequivocally good game,” Attari said. “I usually consider if we all play together, no group can stop us. If we play together, we can win.”

It’s doubtful their manager will tide a CIF CCS Basketball Selection Show during 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, though there’s a good possibility a players will compensate attention.

“We wish to be in a Open,” Bene said. “We wish to uncover some of a private propagandize teams that we’re not a joke, and we wish to uncover them that we’re determined and we can kick them, too.”

Regardless of what a CCS cabinet decides, Sequoia has valid itself worthy.

“Our idea is always to win league, win a tournament, get into CCS — wherever it is — play tough and hopefully we do well,” Lauese said. “But I’m so unapproachable of these guys and a time and a bid that they put in. We’re going to suffer this one tonight and rigging adult for subsequent week.”

When it comes to a girls, Menlo-Atherton seemed like a transparent claimant to play in a Open.

But that unfolding altered Saturday night after South San Francisco indicate ensure Brittney Cedeno knocked down a game-winning jumper with 10 seconds left of a 59-58 feat over M-A.

“I don’t know if there’s a improved preference builder in a PAL,” South City manager Paul Carion said.

While a Bears (19-8) were denied a bid for a fourth prize in a row, this is a initial time a Warriors (23-4) were crowned champions in 18 years, dating behind to a strange PAL Tournament in 2000.

“Honestly, when we came to this school, when we eliminated here from Sacred Heart Cathedral, we unequivocally wanted to put this propagandize on a map,” pronounced Cedeno, who also strike a game-winner a night before. “Because open schools, not so many people consider so rarely of it, and we suspicion entertainment is always a approach out. People will start entrance in for athletics. Especially being a girls basketball program, we thought, ‘OK, let me assistance this team, let assistance try and change it.’

“It was never unequivocally about me, it was about something for a village and small girls to come and watch us play and stay and take cinema of us after. We finally have some alumni entrance to watch us.

“It’s been my idea to change this module given we got here sophomore year, and no matter whatever happens postseason, we know I’m going to leave on a good note once we graduate.”

Obviously, Cedeno couldn’t do it on her own.

South City had 8 players get on a scoresheet in a initial half while contracting a full-court press, that was adequate to build a 30-15 lead with 4:28 left.

M-A comparison Greer Hoyem, a PAL chronicle of Ziggy Lauese for a girls, was fighting triple teams during times until beginner indicate ensure Catharine Chai held glow to hint a 15-0 run that extended into a third entertain to tie a game.

“She unequivocally helped us go on that run to get behind in a game, though she’s training how to lead a team,” M-A manager Markisha Coleman said. “The approach she achieved tonight, we’re unequivocally excited.”

The Bears led 54-49 mid by a fourth entertain after a 3-pointer by comparison Carly McLanahan usually moments after South City comparison Jerlene Miller fouled out, impressed with emotions as her night was over with 4:15 left.

That forced 6-foot youth Becca Tsai behind into action, with 5 essential points down a widen while battling Hoyem in a post.

“She likes a backup purpose and currently we told her, ‘It’s your game,’ ” Carion said. “She unequivocally done Hoyem work and she crashed a boards, gave us a lot of second-chance opportunities to measure points.

“She was a pivotal to a game. We don’t come down to a final shot if it’s not for her.”

When lift came to shove, trailing 58-57 after a three-point play by Hoyem with 28.3 seconds left, a Warriors diagrammed a backdoor cut for nothing other than Cedeno, who is firm for Cal Baptist University in Irvine.

“I came off a shade and we was debating either or not to drive,” pronounced Cedeno, who a year ago left a PAL championship with a badly sprained left ankle. “But afterwards we consider we saw Hoyem was in a pivotal and we saw her kind of come adult to me and we was like, ‘I usually to lift this now. Whatever happens, happens.’ ”

Her 10-foot jumper put a Warriors behind ahead, relating a game-high 19 points by Hoyem.

M-A was left with 8.4 seconds out of a timeout, though South City sophomore Lafu Malepeai came adult with a take to sign a deal.

“She’s a finish player,” Coleman pronounced of Cedeno. “She’s assertive offensively, she finishes unequivocally well, she’s active defensively, she gets her palm on passes and she does a good pursuit heading her group and removing everybody involved. We knew that entrance in. we wish her good going into college, she’s going to have a good career.”

“She’s been phenomenal,” Carion said. “She loves basketball, so she builds a basketball enlightenment since she gets everybody to adore it. She gets everybody in for a workouts since she’s there all a time. And she unequivocally is friends everybody, so they all come with her.”

South City is behind on a map, and unequivocally on a radar of a CCS committee.

Meanwhile, M-A awaits a predestine after blank out on a four-peat.

“It doesn’t usually prick for a seniors, though it stings for all of them,” Coleman said. “Every diversion we come out and we try to play a best, and unfortunately we didn’t win this one. South City came out clever opposite us, though we fought behind and I’m unapproachable of my group for not giving up.”

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