Basketball is a approach of life for Covington Catholic basketball standout CJ Fredrick

February 9, 2018 - Basketballs

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Covington Catholic comparison ensure CJ Fredrick is a claimant for Kentucky Mr. Basketball this winter. (Bob Ted Jackson photos)

PARK HILLS, Ky. – The notation CJ Fredrick began walking, his courtesy incited to perfecting his shot.

A 3-year-old CJ would hurl adult his socks, mount behind and chuck them in an open cosmetic drawer in his room.

“I only said, ‘we need to get this child a basketball hoop,’” his mother, Laura pronounced this week. “That’s when we got a genuine understanding outside. I’m not articulate about a Nerf thing.” 

Eventually, Laura and her husband, Chuck, put a basketball hoop outside. They also commissioned one into CJ’s wall when he was 6.

CJ was hooked. Basketball was in his blood.

“I remember that we wouldn’t leave my room,” a Covington Catholic comparison ensure pronounced after a new practice. “They would have to drag me downstairs to dinner.”

Little has altered in that courtesy for a 18-year-old. His adore of basketball is genuine. He still closes a doorway to his room and takes a few shots. Basketball is his passion.

“It’s what we do,” CJ said. “I wouldn’t wish to do anything else.”

That might not be startling for those who know a University of Iowa signee. His genes positively help.

His father, Chuck Fredrick, was a standout basketball actor during Greenhills High School and graduated in 1980 as a school’s all-time boys basketball scoring leader.

Joe Fredrick, CJ’s uncle and a CovCath partner coach, surpassed Chuck by a time he graduated in 1986. Joe went on to have a standout career during Notre Dame.

Charlie Fredrick, CJ’s grandfather, played football during Notre Dame and spent roughly 4 decades in coaching and competition administration in Greater Cincinnati. 

Yet zero was handed to CJ. Chuck didn’t pull CJ. He only wanted his son to follow his passion.

CJ didn’t make a varsity as a beginner during CovCath. He shortly done it transparent to his family he was peaceful to put a time and bid to one day turn a Division we college player.


Covington Catholic comparison ensure CJ Fredrick sealed with Iowa in November. (Photos from Bob Ted Jackson)


His time in a gym and a weight room is partial of his DNA.

“CJ is like a summary of what tough work does,” CovCath manager Scott Ruthsatz said.

Fredrick, who lives in Hyde Park, wants to be a college basketball manager one day. That coaching ability is fundamental this winter. Recently, he helped his sister, Julia, indoctrinate middle-school students during a Friars Club.

CJ, a Mr. Basketball candidate, sat on a dais with Julia and was transparent with instructing the players about their physique denunciation on a court. He knows it’s recommendation they will use a subsequent level.

Earlier this week, Fredrick, 18, exhibited same of a same informed ability set he’s had as a actor subsequent doorway during Roger Bacon High School.

During Tuesday’s win during Roger Bacon, he had 21 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds in 22 mins of action. He was 7 of 11 from a margin and 3 of 5 on 3-pointers.

Entering this week, Fredrick, a LaRosa’s Featured Athlete Jan. 30, averaged 22 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4 assists for a Colonels (22-4).

“I’ve been around a lot of guys,” pronounced Joe Fredrick. “I’ve never been around anybody like this. we know people contend that though I’ve never seen anybody work like he works. He deserves all a success he gets. He’s warranted any bit of it along a way.”

Iowa manager Fran McCaffery says CJ’s work ethic is “phenomenal” and a CovCath standout has extensive upside when he joins a Big Ten program.

“He can score, he can pass, he defends,” McCaffery told WCPO. “He’s athletic. He can play a point. He can play a wing. He’s got a good feel for how to play. He’s a gamer. He’s improved during a finish of a diversion when others infrequently are not. He’s terrific.”

And so is CovCath. The Colonels horde one of their final dual homes tonight when they play Dixie Heights during 7:30 p.m.

Many in Park Hills have wondered if this is a deteriorate CovCath earnings to Lexington in March. After dual informal runner-up finishes a past dual seasons, a Colonels – a 2014 state champions – are dynamic to have a opposite outcome this season.


Covington Catholic comparison ensure CJ Fredrick averaged 22 points while sharpened 55 percent from a margin entering this week. (Photos from Bob Ted Jackson)


“We have all a talent in a universe though a group chemistry is by a roof,” pronounced 7-foot-1 core Jake Walter, a Xavier signee.

Walter and Fredrick have roughly turn like brothers. The dual have played on a same Indiana Elite AAU group a past dual years. They hang out and play video games together when they aren’t on a court.

“We grown a chemistry that is unbreakable,” Walter said.

Fredrick and Walter used any day of a summer. Each knows what a other brings to a list either environment screens, shooting, being a edge protector or simply a challenging inside-outside presence.

Part of that was cultivated by open gyms during CovCath – workouts not for a gloomy of heart.

“We went during it,” Fredrick said. “You go adult for a layup and we have Jake adhering his bend out. It was aggressive. Dudes were going during it.”

Ruthsatz has been instrumental in CJ’s development. Ruthsatz’s son, comparison ensure Aiden, a Christian Brothers University signee, and CJ play good together and could measure some-more though know a group judgment first.

“Coach Ruthsatz’s passion for high expectations and doing a best and delivering a best has been vicious for CJ,” Chuck Fredrick said. “It helps him stay focused in stability to urge on what he does athletically and academically.”

Months after their open gym sessions, the CovCath seniors can demeanour behind during some of those moments as credentials for a rigorous schedule a Colonels have faced this deteriorate from a Kings of a Bluegrass to a Battle of a Villages to personification Moeller and La Salle.

All of those hurdles were meant to ready CovCath for a tournament. Scott Ruthsatz says a concentration is unwavering. These guys meant business and it shows.

Still, Fredrick says he is means to season a final few home games. He has a extensive volume of honour putting on a CovCath uniform any Friday night and using out onto a justice in front of a Colonel Crazies in a gymnasium built in 1955. 

“It’s overtly one of a best feelings of your life,” Fredrick said. “It gives we a chills. It’s something we won’t forget.”

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