Another prize for Kobe Bryant: NBA fable wins Sports Emmy for ‘Dear Basketball’

May 9, 2018 - Basketballs

Kobe Bryant’s prize collection only keeps removing bigger.

The five-time NBA champion’s charcterised brief film, Dear Basketball, won a Sports Emmy Award on Tuesday night for Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design.

Dear Basketball also won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film during a Academy Awards in March.

“As basketball players, we’re unequivocally ostensible to close adult and dribble,” Bryant pronounced on theatre as he supposed a Oscar. “I’m blissful we do a small bit some-more than that.”

Backstage, he said, “I feel improved than winning a championship. … It’s crazy.”

Dear Basketball, which is narrated by Bryant, is formed on a poem he wrote that was published in The Players’ Tribune in 2015, when he announced his retirement. 

Bryant also has a new uncover on ESPN+ — Detail, which facilities a 18-time All-Star analyzing NBA diversion film. 

“In a universe of media today, with all this click-bait going on, and when people speak about basketball — a playoffs, in sold — they keep it on a really extraneous level, right?” Bryant told USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick final month. “This player’s not flitting a round here. we consider this group will win since they have some-more size, or we consider this group will win since they’re faster, or this group will win since they’re improved shooters. But nobody is looking during because things happen, right? And so, from that standpoint, we said, ‘OK, good how did we used to investigate film?’ we used to mangle down film in a very, really specific approach in sequence to win a diversion in a playoffs.

” … So we indeed combined a uncover that was only that. If we took on a celebrity of James Harden, of Steph Curry, DeMar DeRozan, whoever. If we was them and we only played Game 1, we go home and we watch Game 1, (so) what am we training from that? What would we be study for that to get prepared for Game 2? That’s what this uncover is.”